actions speak louder than words

Humanitarian acts are vital actions that we should pursue in our lives whenever possible, for we are all interconnected throughout the world. Nothing is more fulfilling than drawing a smile on a child’s face whose life has taken a harsh turn on their present. Providing them with hope through a humble donation, a kind word or even a smile will mean more to them than infinite sympathy on their conditions.

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education is a powerful weapon

With the crises and conflicts striking many economies around the world, casualties are numerous and in explainable consequences are the outcomes of wars for no humanitarian cause. Victims of such unsteadiness is the community as whole who are no decision makers to these fates. They lose their family, their security, their future and their homes taking refuge in the poorest settings provided to them. Did they wish for this to happen? Did they draw such a path for their children? No, they are simply helpless souls in a battle of greed.

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